Austin TX


Hello I’m in Austin TX and have 3 e30’s. I have a 91 318is, a 86 325es 2.7i, and a 89 325i parts car. I am interested in racing my e30’s but I have no clue on what to do so I can race.


Start by doing a few track days if you haven’t already. BMWCCA does events around, as well as NASA. Drivers edge is very active, near one event a month and instruction and safety is pretty good. Once you get a a few schools under your belt, you can look into doing a race school and getting your license. Spec e30 isn’t huge here in Tejas yet, but if the coasts are any indication, should have a decent field in the next few years.

BTW, I’m in Austin too.


Thanks for reply, for track days do you need a race license? Also first thing is first get the suspension up to date!


You don’t need a race license for track days - the first part is a performance driving school then later you get a race license. Unless the suspension is worn out, don’t think you have to put a “performance” suspension on before you go out for track days. Lots of people use their daily drivers with a safety/tech checkout. is the NASA Texas forum. Even if you’re not ready to take your car on track, go hang out at an event to see how things work. Ask lots of questions - everyone will be happy to help you get started.


Thanks for the info.

Any good M20 know how?