Are these hoses needed for heat?


My car still has the heater core and the defroster doesn’t really seem to be helping much w/ defrost.

Here’s a video showing its lack of effectiveness - start is good, end visibility becomes much worse -

The next day the coolant hose on the back of the head sprung a leak and I missed qualifying. When I got home I called up and asked for a complete set of replacement hoses. There were several hoses (listed below) which were removed by the PO and not present on my car. Are any of these hoses needed for functioning heat? My car is a 12/86 build with the old style setup.


I would like a fully functioning heater to deal w/ defrosting the windshield. I let the car warm up and turned the heat on and it wasn’t very hot. Any tips on what I should check?


Well, iirc, hose 9 should go right into the heater core. I can’t remember where the T hose goes. If you don’t have hose 9…


barebones to get the heat work, you just need to make sure the hot water is flowing through the heater core and then back to the block. if you have the whole system apart, with the hoses off, make sure the valve is actually opening and closing when turning the knob/slider (still haven’t bought an e30 yet) in the car. they can get corroded, the cable can seize, or if it’s a POS honda, the plastic in the knob would break.

i did a lot of research on this defrosting issue, because the honda didn’t have any, lol. Basically, the goal is to have the windshield warmer than the air inside the car. what i would do to help the issue, is put the the car cover on (no windows) in the paddock and put a space heater in the car. This would help prevent the problem of leaving grid, and the windshield fogging up immediately, as it would have a little bit of warm compared to 30 degree weather.

cool tidbit. the pilot house on an aircraft carrier has electric heated windows…pretty nifty.


An alternative is to buy a 12V hair dryer off of Amazon and put it in your track kit. On a rainy day flex tie it to your cage bar such that it blows across your windshield.


Good news is you can just look out the side window when you’re that sideways. :slight_smile:



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