Are any SE guys planning to do NOLA?


I’m considering making the tow from TX to NOLA for the May 21-22 event and was wondering if there are any racers from the SE planning to make the trip to NOLA as well? Looks like the SE have an event the weekend before NOLA at CMP and then Road ATL a couple weeks after NOLA. If I remember correctly, there was a prior thread on this topic but it didn’t turn up in a search.


There was a FB thread on it. A few mentioned going. I definitely want to rent a car if one is available, as the tow from California would suck.


I would be a great weekend. Go karts, bourbon street, casino, restaurants…oh yeah and racing a very fast and fun track!


Issa and I are in for NOLA in May


^ let’s talk about rentals.


Next weekend, kiddos. Lets do this.


Mark, Philippe, Danny, Sean Aaron (West coast), the Edmunds are going to NOLA. Cmon man


Peterman from SE says he’s making a reappearance as well


How are Toyobucks going to be handled for this one? I wouldn’t even know who to contact :stuck_out_tongue:


Working on it…


Here are the links but the first race of each day was the contingency so you missed it Sunday and cost me $75 in the process :P.


Sorry, I literally drove off the rack onto the track hoping to get a lap in, but they had already thrown the checker.


It was great fun watching you guys race from the tower.