Appearance of body/paint


Is this chassis suitable for a spec build, if I throw some paint on it? The Drivers rear wheel arch is munched, and the rear valence is pushed in from a pole or something - I pushed it back out, but its not perfect.

How nice does the paint need to be? Can I paint it in my garage, or do I need to have a pro do it to meet the rules?

I have wanted to work into a spece30 for awhile, and I have plenty of parts, so when this chassis fell into my lap the wheels started turning.

The rear bumper is destroyed, so I would want to put metal bumpers on it instead of spending a bunch on a new plastic one. Are the plastic trim pieces and valences required or can I just throw the bumpers on? By crash bar, do they mean the steel bar that fits inside the aluminum bumpers, or is that something else?


No need to get a pro to do paint, you can certainly do something in your garage. I certainly have:

That said, a $500 Maaco job will do just fine as well.


40 dollar harbor freight gun, and 100 dollar gallon of paint at Eastwood.