Anyone towed with a Liberty CRD?


I occasionally see these in my price range. I found these outrageous claims on the web last week. My current truck gets 9mpg towing.

"Our Jeep has the heavy duty trailer towing package. I pulled a 16’ car hauler trailer and Alfa Romeo from San Jose to Washington State and got 20 mpg. That’s a 1,000-mile journey. The only change that would have made the trip more pleasant would have been the addition of an equalizer hitch. I didn’t know about such things at the time. "



I believe Natalie black in the florida region tows with one


What I’m most interested in is whether they can really get 20mpg towing a car on an open trailer.


What is on the trailer makes a big difference. If the only thing in the air stream is a car, then based on my years of open trailing with various tow vehicles, and all the reading I’ve been doing on the Cherokee Ecodiesel, I bet you get your 20mpg at 65mph.

A tire rack or something else big in the airflow, or 75mph, and you won’t. Aero drag goes up to the cube of velocity.


I’ve heard horor stories of people towing with light weight tow vehicles. Just cause it can pull it, doesn’t necessarily mean that it should pull it.