Anyone need a built motor,160+HP


Anyone looking for a new motor? 2013 Nasa Norcal Spec e30 leading championship motor from the #93, “THE VERT” is available.TFB built, 160+hp. The best of everything as you know Tim does NOT cut corners.
Call me for details.



Isn’t the “vert” the Charlie Hayes car?


Yes…I purchased the car the end of last season. Leading the 2013 campaign with it.


What changed since nationals? I thought his was making quite a bit less than that on the dyno. My memory is fuzzy sometimes though.


It was quite a bit lower on the dyno at nationals…


I thought it pretty low as well. :huh:


If it was low at the Nationals, then makes for an even more impressive drive from the man, Charlie Hays.
Happy to share dyno sheet from May Thunderhill event, where top 5 cars hit the dyno right after being scaled.

How many of you mid west, east coast guys are coming to Miller?..


If there was a tow fund, I would gladly show up. $1,200 round trip for diesel only is too much. Already missed the $600 early bird, so I guess that is a no for this year.


Wouldn’t the variations in elevations have an impact on dyno numbers?
Either way, 160+rwhp from an engine that stock, made 168 bhp is pretty interesting.


Not sure about the elevation difference, but I don’t think there is much elevation at Thunderhill. A relatively flat drive up I5. Of course, on track there are a few rollers.


Without getting into a great debate, all things relative, the vert dynoe’d very low at Nationals. Were changes made to the motor after Nationals to make such incredible gains? It seems a little shady without more background information. I’m not doubting you Steve, you seem like a solid person.


Hi Rob, First of all, I do run a tight scene. I play straight up by the rules & my race performance is usually a result of preparation,effort,a great support group(PoinSix Racing & TFB) & an awesome engineer, Dave-O. I am not sure if TFB made any changes to the car after the Nationals. I purchased in October & didn’t even drive the car until mid Jan when I did a side by side test with the other #93 that I have been driving the past few seasons. Though faster in my old car, I was close enough in lap time that I knew I could get the Vert as quick with a few minor seating/driving comfort changes.
Since testing with the car in Jan & racing every event this year, I have done nothing to the car other than to maintain it & have it prepped for every race.
The dyno number that I am representing came from the Dyno at the May event.

Maybe I should change my advertisement to Norcal Spec E30 2013 series championship leader motor for sale…Who cares about the HP or TQ…It’s the motor that is leading the championship.


Could the difference be in the smoothing factor?


All this back & forth banter has me wondering if people are questioning the motor in THE VERT or just the claimed HP in general.If the later, my last motor was putting out 163hp/161T and with that I know of plenty of motors that have better numbers that are perfectly legal…Which is being questioned?


You don’t think it looks suspicious that it dyno’d out quite a bit lower at nationals and you are claiming it makes more now? Then people have to wonder; did it make that much at nationals and somehow figured out how to fool the dyno? Was there work done to it over the off season? Is the dyno number not even right? That all leads back to questions about other components other than the base hardware being different, etc etc blah blah.

Considering the build differences in price between a 150hp motor and a 160+ motor are significant (and I don’t know what you are asking for it), I would imagine that’s why the back and forth has started.

HP is a sensitive subject… :wink: in every class and every sanctioning body.


Not sure what mid west/back east motor builders are charging for a built motor but out west expect to spend $7-8,500k.
Really I don’t car about suspicious…The Vert has always been a front running car in Norcal from the day it was built if driven by Trefethen, Hays or Barber over the past 2 seasons. It has also been a front running car at the Nationals the past 2 years driven by 2 different drivers. I saw an opportunity to try something different, call it a new challenge. Personally, I like the fact that people think the car is a bit strange. Tim was selling the car to free up some funds for his 25hr car/campaign (which btw, kicked butt…5th overall). I couldn’t understand why nobody was considering this purchase, so we struck a deal. I had Hays drive the car at the Norcal Season final where he kicked ass in it. The car sat for a few months until I got in it for the first time in Jan. Went on to win the season opener.

Did I mention that I am wanting only $6,999 for the motor;)

Just kidding, if interested call for details.

Out for now, gotta go sell some houses to pay for my new motor.


You shouldn’t care. Good luck with the sale.


The dyno in Ohio was low. Was low for the Spec Miatas which I also raced. I didn’t touch anything with the car all 2012, ran the Nationals as an extra effort for me and didn’t touch it after. It’s been the same all along.

Sorry to get hopes up.


Steve, you have PM :wink:


Hey Guys,

No funny business her from Steve as he’s a totally straight up guy.

Humidity/temp was significantly higher at MO for the Champs last year than May 75 degrees no humidity at Thunderhill last month. I’m guessing weather is everything here. Anybody with even the least bit of tuning/dyno knowledge can guess that! We got the good weather out here on the Best Coast!