Anyone building a car here?


Just moved to Austin from the left coast, anyone building a car out here? Anyone? Bueller?

Hoping for someone to race with when the car is done.


I have a 318is in my garage, but am hesitant to begin building since there doesn’t seem to be much SpecE30 action in the area. I will be considering BMW club racing. I’d like to hear from more folks in the area as well.


We had the same situation in the Mid Atlantic about 4 years ago. Now, we have 20 + cars at many races. The early guys have to take the plunge.

And even if Spec E30 never works in your area, you can always enjoy the car at track days, at other sanctioned races, or you can sell it without a problem.

Carter Hunt
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I just came from SoCal, and after a period where everyone was waiting for the other guy to build, it seems to finally be taking off. The only place e30’s get any action in CCA are in KP, and from my research you are talking considerably more $$ to build a competitive car since you can do a lot more to the car. Either way, the 325 is the one you want, not many 318’s racing as far as I know. Great DE car though, especially in terms of maintenance since it’s sans timing belt.

I’m in with both feet and taking the plunge, especially after seeing the huge field and close racing at Roebling Road. I probably have a least a year left of prepping the car and doing DE’s before I’m ready for full on racing. Just took the CCA racing school though and I’m definitely hooked. Hoping more people will build here, but I’m more than willing to dice it up with the Miata guys till more people make it out. May try to travel a bit as well to check out a larger field.



There was a thread a few days ago about some Texas activity. You may have been apart of it?,com_kunena/Itemid,86/func,view/id,16734/catid,16/

There may not be any Spec E30’s racing in Texas, but there is a pretty strong e30 community there (from what I’ve seen on other boards). I would think once a few Spec E30’s start racing, more would follow.


"I would think once a few Spec E30’s start racing, more would follow."

That’s what I’m hoping for. Well, that and to wake up to a cage that’s installed and paid for in my car.


i acctually just found this site and joined the forum. i was looking for a spec e30 series. i am in the dfw area looking to build a car. already shopped and found a car. its awesome when the Internet works.