Any Spec cars for sale on the East Coast


Good morning,
I’m located in NJ. Looking for a spec e30. I don’t mind traveling or having it shipped.



If you are still looking for a Spec e30 project car, I have one mostly ready. Serious medical problems have now precluded continuing competition (a 30+ year SCCA driver and instructor). Suspension, cage (Kirk) NASA w/double side bars, Pro2000 seat, shift kit, wheel lugs, Hawk brake pads, Autometer gauges, helmet/vest cooling system, much more. I am in Dallas, but am willing to deliver 500 miles free ($1/mile over)


Always good to ask Drivegear Racing if Andrew has one in the works. Planning to join Spec E30 racing in the Northeast?


Thanks for the responses, I did purchase a car a few weeks ago.