another TX Spec E30...


I took delivery this past Friday at TWS. My builder Joel Barber delivered the car at the track and I was able to do several sessions during ‘open lapping’, which was great fun!

I’m looking for ways to fast-forward the comp licensing process (within reasonable $$ and with high regard to getting plenty of seat time at the various TX tracks) so I can get on the track sooner rather than later.

Here’s a link to some photos:


Very nice!!! Looking forward to the 2015 season especially as the field grows. What’s your event schedule? Quite a few of us are running with BMW Club Racing at COTA next month and the TWS field in April should be pretty big also.


I am registered for COTA (Friday only for now, wait listed for the weekend). Also registered for the TWS NASA event. I have a couple of upcoming DE’s on the March schedule as well – Cresson and TWS.

Plan is to drive the heck out of this thing in DE’s for now so I can get the NASA folks to issue my Rookie license. Anyone know why NASA TX doesn’t offer comp school? If they did, I’d be all over it.


I think the April event at TWS has a comp school.