Another newbie in FL...


So we’ve got a lurker that I hope will emerge from the shadows. Someone very familiar with E30’s and good driver as well. He’s been on the board here for a few months and hasn’t posted. After talking this past weekend about Spec E30 and hearing his interest, and mentioning the site, he logged in posted some ads in the classifieds section. But still no post. He has expressed lots of interest in joining our little community here, but still, no posts. :frowning:

Maybe the screen name is fitting…maybe ‘silence’ is a good approach. But I’m calling him out…come introduce yourself!

After all, we ALL know about you already :stuck_out_tongue: :


OK, OK, you win, I guess its time to say Hello. :slight_smile:

Hello, My name is Carlos Mendez, and i’m an e30-a-holic…

I’ve owned a few of them, and currently I drive a 91 318IS every day.

I built the car in the photo with my cousin James Hageman for the GRM challenge over the last 4 years. It has evolved a bit from the photo, but not too much. It’s not a $2010 challenge car anymore, we blew the budget when we prepared it for the Ultimate Track Car Challenge last year. I’ve taken it to Sebring and PBIR. It makes 357hp to the rear wheels on a stock m20 with a big turbo, and weighs only 2100lbs . It’s a ton of fun to drive, ask Rob G. if you don’t believe me :wink: THere’s no feeling like keeping up with a 600hp vette lap after lap at PBIR… :slight_smile: The plan is to continue to get my NASA competition license and prep it for TT racing. Im not sure which class it would fall under, but it would probably be TTS or TTU. I really don’t know if it would even be competitive. I’ve always had an interest in racing, and the fact that this car is pretty much ready to go, makes me want to pursue TT.

What am i doing on the SPECe30 forum then?

Well, there is a small glimmer of hope that I may build a car… I’m a bit concerned with the TT becoming too expen$ive in the long run. I just bought a brake upgrade that cost 1k used, and now I need custom wheels to fit over the brakes and still fill the widebody fenders… more $$. The tires I want to run are the 275-35/15 Hoosier R6s which cost $266.00 a piece, thats another 1k. Not to mention that It still doesn’t have a cage or any of that other necessary safety stuff. And then there’s always the chance that it may not even be competitive in its class… so i’ve been toying with the idea of building a low budget speccar. I have 2 m20s in the garage, a driveshaft, a g260… theres the beat up 91 318is I drive to work every day…


So SpecE30 it is then. I look forward to racing you at a Florida event next year. :smiley: