Alternator belt will not go back over pulley


Hi all, replacing belts. Remover PS and Alt belts fine, new alternator belt will not go over pulley. Car is an 87 325is. New alt belt says 980mm, which I believe is stock. Old belt came off fine. I have the alternator as loose as I dare without removing lower mounting bolt. Upper adjuster bolt is out. Alt seems to hit side of engine, or mounting bracket, when I try to get new belt on, so I think its as far as it will go, but the belt will not go over the pulley.

Help please…


Lay the old belt up to the new one as make sure they are the same.


The old belt was actually a bit shorter, but must have stretched. Wound up putting the new belt over the water pump and alt pulley, getting as much of the belt onto the crank pulley as I could, then turned the crank manually to roll it over the rest of the crank pulley. Thanks.