Adjustable tunnel mount shifter


Copy/pasted from a fb post.

Rokas Stasionis makes a tunnel mount shifter that is not only inexpensive, but also has adjustable throw. From our conversation, it also sounds durable.

I bought one for ~$100 shipped.

This could really be a good piece. There’s cheaper tunnel mounted shifters, but afaik, none of them have a solid steel shaft like this one does. In 2014(?) I busted a cheap one that had a plastic filled AL shaft. To make it worse it was at the national champs and it was Shawn Méze’s car.

What really got my attention tho was the adjustability. I have 2x of the AKG tunnel mounted shifters, and I’ve played around with the Bimmerworld version. Imo they are too short. The short geometry creates a requirement for precision that is a pita. With Rokas’ shifter one should be able to change it’s geometry from what has become normal for SSK’s to something more reasonable.

His email address is

Note that his normal shifter knob puts the shifter a couple cm below the AKG with it’s tall knob. I’ve asked him to do me a knob that is a couple cm high such that the top of the knob is 30-32cm above the tunnel.