'87 BMW 325is for sale - $1,500


I bought this car with thoughts of refreshing it to be a driver. The interior is complete with working power windows and sunroof, but the dash, seats and carpet are in poor shape and the clear coat is flaking. I’ve decided restoring it would require too much labor and expense for me. It would better serve as a starter for a Spec E30 race car or other track car. I already have an E30 track car, and don’t need another.

The car starts and runs fine but mileage is unknown as the odometer doesn’t work. The car has been sitting in my driveway and no fluid leaks are visible. The body is in good shape, with only a small bondo patch cracked off left rear quarter. Bumpers, lights and most trim (rain gutters and right rear quarter trim are missing). The stock air dam has been replaced by a non-stock piece. Prior owner installed smoke tail lights, but I have stock pieces, which will be substituted. Shifter bushings need replacing (I have parts). Prior owner reportedly replaced the front control arms and shocks shortly before he sold it to me.

The brakes didn’t work when I bought it, but I replaced the master cylinder, cleaned up the caliper pistons and flushed the fluid and they now function. The blower motor rattled when running so I removed it.

The guy I bought it from was, to be generous, not a stickler for legalities and was swapping plates between several cars. He didn’t have a title, but I ran the VIN through the National Insurance Crime Bureau and it came back clean (not stolen or salvaged) so I bought the car on a bill of sale, which is how I will sell it.


HI were are you located?


High Point, NC


Hi Randy I would like to see pictures of the engine and interior. what dose odometer read? thanks Max


I’m out of town until Friday. Will send pics when I return. Not sure what odo reads, but know it wasn’t working when I bought it.



Odometer reads 130,065.



I have now installed the new shifter bushings, replaced the shift lever and installed a new shifter boot and knob. While I was under the car doing this, I discovered a transmission mount was bad, so I replaced the transmission mounts and the flex disc (guibo). Car is currently still available for sale.


is the car still available?


@randy87is Hey, is the car still for sale? please let me know, thanks


Car is sold