2017 race plans common schedule (east coast)


Guys, forgive me if I missed someone posting something like this already but here’s a shared google spreadsheet where you can put your race plans. It has all east coast events on it so it’s usable by all the east regions and people can know what car count to expect.

Anyone with the link should be able to edit.

Take an unused driver column and make it your own. Update through out the year as your plans change.

It also has sort filters at the top. Example: if you want to see events only for a given region (note the crossover events too so you don’t miss one).



Just a reminder. Sure would be nice to get a majority of people using this.


I would totally use it, but I am still in lowly HPDE 2, but one day I will be on The List. I think this is the same list that Brian Edmonds was espousing on FB, too.