2016 Championship rules update


Greetings all! I hope this has been a good racing season for everyone. It’s been particularly busy for me so let’s get to the point of this post.

A while ago the maximum camber rule changes, allowing you to use whatever camber you wanted. Something that wasn’t taken into consideration is that with the added allowable negative camber, the track width was not also widened to allow for this. For that reason, the track width rule will be modified for the upcoming East and West coast Championships as follows: The maximum allowed front width is [color=#ff0000]"67” (170.18cm)[/color] The maximum allowed rear width is [color=#ff0000]"67” (170.18cm)[/color]

This should help some of you who have run across this problem with being too wide while using no spacers!

This rule is in effect for the champ events and will officially be part of the ruleset for the 2017 season!

Have a great rest of your season!