2014 Bimmerworld Contingency


Below is the revised contingency from Bimmerworld. This revised format should provide for more participation as it is possible for anyone to win. Make sure you pay attention to the sticker requirements and the time allowed for payout.

BimmerWorld Contingency Sponsorship

BimmerWorld is providing a contingency program for the full 2014 NASA MidWest and Great Lakes race season for the SpecE30 class. Changes to the 2013 program are listed in red, the largest of which is a raffle-type giveaway instead of finishing position to spread the awards out a little more.

Decal Requirements
All decals are available at the track with prior arrangements with your series administrator, or from BimmerWorld upon request with any purchase.
• BimmerWorld - To be eligible for BimmerWorld contingencies, car must display the official blue and yellow BimmerWorld decal (2.5”x11” - not the smaller 8" version) on each front fender, unless written approval of a substitution is on file from James at BimmerWorld.
• PFC - To be eligible for Performance Friction contingency, car must display the Performance Friction decal on the front position of the front fender in front of tire opening, with no other brake supplier decals on car. Finisher must produce an invoice or order number for their prior purchase of Performance Friction SpecE30-fitment brake pads from BimmerWorld dated within one year prior to the race date.
Contingency Details
Contingency will be available to all finishers of the one Saturday feature race of a NASA MidWest and Great Lakes event. If there is no Saturday race, an alternate race can be designated before the event. To be eligible for contingency, the race class must have at least three finishers (more than ½ the laps of the winner). For 2014, contingency winners will be determined by random drawing from the car numbers of feature race finishers. If a number drawn is not eligible or participating in the contingency program, the award will be forfeit. To claim your contingency after your number is drawn, email james@bimmerworld.com with 1) two pictures of your car showing both full sides AND 2) a link to the official race results for your finish on mylaps.com. All claims must be made within 30 days of feature race.

Payout Schedule
Payout for BimmerWorld awards is in the form of credit which can be used in the BimmerWorld store, one certificate per order, within 90 days of processing contingency claim.
• Award 1, Minimum 3 finishers – $100 BimmerWorld Certificate
• Award 2, Minimum 6 finishers – 6th – Certificate for one box Performance Friction SpecE30 brake pads (choice of compound and axle)
• Award 3, Minimum 11 finishers – 11th – $50 BimmerWorld Certificate