2009 Rules Updates



I heard back from NASA and the updates are acceptable.

I will send my draft of the update explanations to the Regional Series Directors and we will post them here.

Carter Hunt
Spec E30 National Series Director


Here is a marked up version of the new rules that shows all of the additions/deletions and has some explanations highlighted in green.

The HP/TQ rule is still pending.



Carter has been doing a lot of traveling so asked me to post this:

The Spec E30 officials have considered your input on the rocker rule, and did some more research on rocker longevity and the potential advantages to be gained from custom rockers. The original stock rockers apparently had some robustness issues that were addressed by a newer OEM design built by FEBI. This is what you will get if you order rockers from BMW today. We have decided to remove the rocker modification rule entirely. This means that only stock or OEM-equivalent substitutes will be allowed (as it is for all internal engine components without specific modification allowances).

has some pictures of original vs. FEBI - in the 4th picture, notice the extra thickened part under the 5828 in the FEBI version that gives it more strength.

Thank you for all the perspectives that were raised in the discussion.


Group, we are announcing that welded differentials will not be legal after the 2009 season.

There don’t seem to be any competitors using the welded diffs today, and the prevailing opinions seem to say that for most people, most of the time, the disadvantages outweigh the good, but in the interests of keeping things simple and consistent, we’ll just go with one differential option for everyone.

There doesn’t seem to be a compelling reason to outlaw it now, so we’ll handle it as a future announcement, much like we’ve done in the past in ending 325e and 318i eligibility.


The rules have been updated to remove the rocker arm rule, clarify the fuel system changes ( and make the note about future ineligibility of a welded differential.
Here is an updated doc with comparison to the 2008 rules.
The contact info for Paul Poore needs to be updated. His new email is: pooresports@verizon.net and his phone number is 215-766-2555
[file name=Spec_E30_Regulations_v10_1a_vs_2008_v10_with_notes.pdf size=97227]http://spece30.com/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/files/Spec_E30_Regulations_v10_1a_vs_2008_v10_with_notes.pdf[/file]