16mm Ireland Engineering Rear Swaybar GROUP BUY


GROUP BUY: Ireland Engineering 16mm Adjustable Rear Swaybar for SpecE30 (Expires 11/23/18 @ 11:59pm)

I worked with Jeff Ireland to develop this new 16mm rear swaybar to better work with the increased spring rates in the new coil-over SE30 suspension. Most setups are already running the rear bars on full-soft, so there is no more adjustment range to balance out the car if you want to decrease oversteer.

With the 16mm rear bar, you will be able to use the bar in the heart of its adjustment range, with room to move softer, if desired. The stiff end of the 16mm bar will be about equivalent to the soft end of the 19mm bar, so it could work well even with the “old” suspension.

The thing that I love about the Ireland Engineering bar is the precise adjustability of the sliding clamps, allowing fine tuning of the understeer balance for a given track. Moving a full hole on the other bars is too coarse of an adjustment and limiting in options, in my experience.

The Adjustable 16mm Rear Sway Bar COMPLETE KIT comes with the bar, sliding adjustable endlinks, billet aluminum chassis mounts which bolt through the trunk floor, polyurethane bushings, and control arm reinforcements to be welded in. All hardware is included. This COMPLETE KIT retails for $255, plus shipping. It will be just like the 19mm Kit shown here, except with a 16mm bar and bushings:

For those who already have the IE chassis mounts, endlinks, and control arm reinforcements, we will offer a 16mm bar RETROFIT KIT. This will include the 16mm bar, 16mm bushings, and 16mm clamps for the endlinks. The RETROFIT KIT retails for $135, plus shipping.

On behalf of Ireland Engineering, I am offering a one-time GROUP BUY on these 16mm bar kits. We have 25 kits built and ready to ship (fulfilling the SpecE30 rule of at least 15 kits to be offered per year). If we exceed that amount, more can be made, but will be subject to a 6-week leadtime. This GROUP BUY will expire on Black Friday, 11/23/18, at 11:59pm and is only applicable when arranged through me, directly. Pricing is as follows:

1-10 Kits: 5% OFF
11-20 Kits: 7% OFF
21+ Kits: 10% OFF
Also, shipping will be offered at a flat-rate of $20 for the continental US.

PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECTLY at Anthony@DriveFasterNow.com with your order for either a “COMPLETE KIT” or “RETROFIT KIT”, using the subject line “IE 16mm Group Buy” and include your shipping address. I will update this thread with the status as we proceed through the discount ranges. Payment will be requested via PayPal at the conclusion of the Group Buy.
Thank you!


UPDATE: In less than 24 hours, we are now well into the second stage of discounts, currently running at 7% OFF. I"m confident that we’ll get to the 10% OFF mark!


FYI, Ireland Engineering has built a second run of the 16mm rear bars and has them in stock. Let me know if anyone needs one!

A few points that I’d like to share:

  1. On the 16mm bar, the sliding clamp being located 2" inward from the end will be effectively the same rate as the 19mm bar with the sliding clamp located at the end of that bar.
  2. 2" of adjustment effectively doubles or halves the bar stiffness.
  3. Note that these are bar stiffnesses, not effective wheel rates. The relative contributions of the bar are valid, though.