10. Appendix D. – Engine performance


When will this be added to the rules?


We’re going through the draft now.


New guy here. Seriously considering getting in to Spec E30 after 10 years in other classes. If this pending rule can limit the engine builder arms race we experienced in Spec Miata, it will be great addition to the class. The engine cost issue is the single biggest thing that hurts spec classes.

I look forward to seeing the rule.


The irony of it all, me too. I’ll have to check my co-director status. Guess the intreweb is froze-up as it goes across the state lines to Georgia.



Longest 7 days…ever.


Buwhahaha :laugh:


Really though…where is this mythical appendix?


Seriously! I’m trying to build a car here!


Is it fair to assume that no rule is coming since 5 weeks have gone by with no news? (I was hoping for rule since my car is down a few hp and torques)


The simple answer to your question is “No.” I think its fair to say that, unless you are planning to build a cheater motor, you should have no concern about the impact of the rule on your build. If you are hoping that all motors get choked down to 130, you’ll be dissapointed.


I wasn’t asking for me, no new car or new motor for me…but I know from being PT director for NASA mid-atlantic, that potential rules changes (particular this one which has been discussed for years) can discourage new entries into the class…any HP limit may be high enough to not matter for 99% of competitors, but until they know what that limit is…it can be concerning.


Understood. The rule is one of checking complaince, not “leveling the playing field”.



Just kiddin’ :stuck_out_tongue: