VIR Stories and Videos thread


All I will say about that is WTF!


What a great weekend, I tell you I didn’t have a great one, and still feel like it was just awesome.

I woke up Saturday w/o a voice and feeling like shit, I thought it was only hangover, but then again I didn’t drink THAT much :wink: messed up qualy, with the only clear lap going off at oak tree with brakes to the floor. My car didn’t start for Sat first race (fuel pump relay) thanks to all for helping out! Andrew bled the brakes for second race and still on the floor, oh well. Had a good start, then Ryan and I tapped, then I just felt like shit (aside from physically), because he could’ve had a real good chance to take the fight to Grace :frowning:

For Sunday’s fun race I installed a drink bottle and poured 2 cans of monster, oh dang it helped! Started 36th and by the third lap I was all on my own leading, boring as shit, so I pulled over on the south pitts and let everyone by (don’t judge it was a FUN race), so I got to race with my buddies, which I love! I was 6th when the double yellow dropped, and more fun when the green came out! No chance of catching Ryan, as he was on FIRE! More credit to him from starting at the tail end of 68 cars or more! Remember putos, we do this for FUN :woohoo:

Here’s the start of Sat 2nd race


My wife took a bunch of photos during the VIR races.


Congratulations to the following drivers for winning $25 gift certificates to UUC. The gift certificates don’t expire so you can get several and save some real money buying their terrific dual shear shift rod, or any of their other SpecE30 compliant hardware.

The contingency program is designed to supplement Toyobucks in that 2 of the 3 awards go to the drivers that just missed with Toyo (6th & 9th). The third gift certificate goes to the driver who got last.

I have the certs now. Pls email me your snailmail addresses, scott(at)gress(dot)org.

Paul Patrick
Al Taylor (2)
Will Stukas
Sandro Espinosa
Sumpter Smith

For all future races your car will have to be wearing 2x UUC decals per the contingency program guidance in the SE subforum.