VIR next week, who's in, .....


Yea I was trying to get Al do do it. Your going to have a full day, but fun, you will need a comfortable place to sleep after that day.[/quote]

Toyobux are up for grabs. That should motivate him!


Greg, I have a good friend who races a SM that will be there on Friday and might be interested in doing the enduro w/ you? If you want to be put in touch w/ him, send me an email through the board or via a facebook msg.



Do you have a pit crew? If not do you want to team up for pit stops mainly for someone to help with refueling. We can’t let the Miata’s beat the E30s.

Rob…. nice team name. :lol:



[quote=“ppatrick” post=76890]Rob/Greg,

Do you have a pit crew? If not do you want to team up for pit stops mainly for someone to help with refueling. We can’t let the Miata’s beat the E30s.

Rob…. nice team name. :lol:


I believe Charlie has something lined up. Where is the list? I can’t seem to find it.


Here are my videos from the weekend:
Saturday’s race (A close finish w/ Grace) -
Sunday’s race (Rick Mariani/David Herrington incident) -


GAH! I missed the standing starts?! NUTS! Looks like it was fun. Hope all’s well with Rick’s and Dave’s cars.

Was the dyno at the track?

See you all at Hyperfest (crosses fingers)


Vic, hope you get out there for hyperfest.

No dyno at the track again.


Rob great racing with you this weekend, love the sunday video, we definitely got close in turn 1, whew!


Likewise. Nice job out there once you car got figured out. I look forward to racing against you again. Thanks for being headsup.


Great video Rob, capturing my Sunday standing start failure.:ohmy: My car refused to go in 2nd so I had to go to 3rd or 4th. :unsure: At least I avoided the big T5 Mariani-Herrington crash… WOW! On the rolling re-start I got pushed off T1 by Carter and when I got back on the track I was dead ass last (P15) in the E30 group. Next time I will stay behind Grace and bump draft. It provided for good fun while I worked my way back up to P6, then managed to draft off a Spec3 car which helped me pass Carter on the last lap and take 5th. I also set a personal best lap time of 2:16:8 which was the fastest E30 time in the Sunday race and brought my E30 back home only with a bit of your rubber on my front fender. Looks like Mariani-Herrington helped pinch both of us together after the standing start. :angry:

I will upload my videos today.

It was fun chasing you in the Enduro… sucks that Diradour’s car wasn’t up for the challenge.


Had a great time racing with you all this weekend in my first SE30 race! Hopefully I didn’t (or maybe hopefully I did?) get in the way too much.

Here’s my video of the “aborted start” race on Sunday, I’ll post some more videos later this week.

I have a couple of questions: Do aborted starts happen frequently? And what is the criteria, is it if the leader has not completed 1 lap before going full-course yellow? I couldn’t find anything in the CCR. It seemed strange to make us start the race over after we had raced over 2/3 of a lap. Of course, I had more to lose since I had made my way up from 12th to 7th in that lap…

Also, I did not see a green flag waived during the real start of the Sunday race, the rolling start. Maybe I missed it? I saw the pace car pull in, the polesitter maintained pace, and I was looking for the green in the truck bed flag station but didn’t see it and then it was obvious everyone was racing (and pulling away from me), and I still didn’t see a flag as I went by the truck bed or at the end of the pit lane (where they threw the checker later).

Anyway, I learned a lot this weekend and have a lot of work to do to catch up to you all but I can’t wait for the next one! :woohoo:


found out why my weekend sucked…back drained my fuel filter, looked like chocolate milk…this after using non ethenol for winter storage and running two weekends already this year. Not sure what to think, I buy my gas from a Pilot truckstop in Danville that sells a shit ton of gas. Thinking the non-e might have been old at end of boating season last year…


ps who has video of me going off on Saturday??


Here is my video.

Start P4, finish P5.

I missed a shift into 2nd on the standing start and Herrington darted in on my left squeezing me into Rob’s bright and shiny red E30, falling back to near DAL (dead ass last)… then the restart. Once again I killed my start when I went on the outside of Grace before T1 and Carter pushed in and helped me go off and mow the grass. I managed to get back on without a spin but I was once again DAL and had to work my way up and pass Carter for P5. woh00000.