SE30 for Sale, Norcal - SOLD


SOLD - Thank you for your interest.

Testing the waters…Just-completed Spec E30 build. Has 2018 NASA annual tech. 2:02.4 at Sears Point with experienced SE30 driver on 200 treadwear tires, ran 2:11 with an inexperienced driver (me) short-shifting and being careful. This car runs well, and handles beautifully with setup by Kontrolle Engineering.

$12.5K or serious reasonable offer. Would be difficult to duplicate for this price, IMO. Details follow…


• 1991 318is tub (VIN: WBAAF9316MEE67329) sourced from Ray Zanotto/Sonoma Valley Racing (sold on Bill of Sale, and quick online check shows last smog test in 2010 so it appears to be out of the DMV system)
• Evil Genius (John Pagel) E30 cage “kit” installed by North Bay Bavarian, confirmed via photos sent to Pagel
• Additional cage work, including foot protection bars, spreader plates by Mad Hamster Race Fabrication (Jason Cook, Norcal SE30 administrator). Roof removed and top tubes of cage fully welded. MH also did the wiring harness and got the motor running, and installed a new windshield, hood pins, and installed the adjusters on the rear suspension
• Repaint in Alpine White by Fulmer Auto Body of Placerville CA in (Summer 2017), stored inside only since then
• New Roundels! (eBay Chinese crap, but they look nice), headlight blanking plates by Kontrolle
• 325is front spoiler (DTM FiberWerkz) and brake ducts (Allstar performance ducts and brake hose, custom aluminum backing plates for the discs) installed by Kontrolle Engineering of Rancho Cordova (Summer 2018)


• Alignment/setup by Kontrolle Engineering (August 2018)
• Bilstein Sports/Eibach Race Springs (SE30 setup)
• Mason Engineering strut bar
• Ireland sway bars
• New control arms (Lemforder)
• New outer tie rods (Lemforder)
• Delrin power steering block-off plate
• Aluminum sump guard (unsure of brand, bought used)
• Ireland Engineering Delrin steering coupler
• Rebuilt brake calipers, new pads/discs with one event, braided steel lines
• Turner motorsports bullet nose wheel studs (the spendy ones)
• New (used) LR control arm (Kontrolle)
• New rear wheel bearings (Kontrolle)
• Full race alignment from Kontrolle Engineering
• Four “TR Motorsport” wheels (black), mounted with Maxxis Victra VR-1 tires (205-50-15) with about four hours of track time from NASA enduro
• Two additional TR Motorsport wheels (silver) with used Toyo RRs, that probably have 1-2 sessions left before they’re


• Stock M20 from a street car, sourced from Sonoma Valley Racing in late 2016, new rear main seal installed by Kontrolle as preventative maintenance Sep 2018
• Ishihara-Johnson crank scraper with Teflon insert (the fancy, expensive one)
• Ireland Engineering sump baffle
• Good used transmission (shifts nicely) JUST re-sealed by Kontrolle Sep 2018 (input shaft/tailshaft seals), new clutch slave with stainless line
• New clutch/pressure plate (LuK)

  • New BMW shift linkage (Kontrolle) Sep 2018
    • New aluminum radiator, new coolant expansion tank
    • Brand new SE30 exhaust from Paul Poore (sourced and installed 2017)
    • New cap, rotor, ignition wires (Bosch, all sourced in 2016 and installed 2017-8)
    • New coil (Kontrolle, for tuning purposes)
    • New (known good used) AFM (Kontrolle)
    • New fuel pump (Kontrolle)
    • New injectors (Kontrolle)
    • New coolant temp sensor (Kontrolle)
    • New alternator (Sep 2018), reman from O’Reilly’s with warranty
    • New lightweight battery (Summer 2018)
    • Rewired master switch (Kontrolle)
    • Poly motor and trans mounts (AKG)
    • Short shifter (Ebay, with custom Delrin knob and new factory rubber boot)
    • Factory LSD (Redline fluid)
    • New axles (Autozone reman units)

About the engine: according to the team at Kontrolle, it was down on power on the car’s first chassis dyno run. Hence the new pump, injectors, coil and AFM. Second dyno run was better, but not the 150+ hp to the wheels that the best SE30s are making, probably 130-140. But this is a street car motor of somewhat unknown origin, and we did not have time to test it again after the coolant temp sensor was installed. That said, we filled it with Liqui-Moly 10-60 and a can of their friction modifier and it ran well for 4+ hours at the last weekend’s NASA TREC enduro and did not destroy itself, so it seems to have plenty of life. In 3rd gear, it can spin the tires out of 11 and at the top of the hill at Sears Point, for whatever that is worth.

I have potential access to another good-running M20 that could be part of the deal (priced separately) if the buyer is interested.


• Lifeline AFF 4-liter fire system (New from Wine Country in August 2018, installed by Kontrolle Engineering)
• G-Force 5-point camlock belts (New in June 2018, installed by Kontrolle Engineering)
• Schroth Center Net (New in August 2018, installed by Kontrolle Engineering including custom ratchet strap arrangement to ensure that it stays tight)
• G-Force window net (New in August 2018)
• Kirkey Aluminum Road Race Seat (installed by Mad Hamster), on Sparco rails for fore-aft adjustment
• Racetech suede steering wheel (brand new from Kontrolle, and it is gorgeous)
• NRG Quick Release (red)
• Radio wiring kit installed (IMSA plug), and sale would include a brand-new Rugged Radios PTT button (Velcro loop-style attachment) and a bolt-in version.
• All instruments work (new tach module and wiring from Kontrolle)
• Extra-large Longacre rear-view mirror, brand new in August 2018 (also installed by Kontrolle, fwiw)
• SFI rollbar padding surrounding driver area

On the interior: needs cleaning and paint to make it look really nice and showcase all of the beautiful details associated with the center net install and other work done by Kontrolle. A new dash is on my to-do list, but what’s in there is serviceable.


• Full set of Hawk Blue pads (new)
• Full set of Zimmermann brake rotors, incl. set screws (sourced from FCP Euro, with ‘lifetime warranty’)
• New set of plugs, plus air, fuel and oil filters (Bosch, Mahle)
• Miscellaneous fluids, gear oil, etc.
• 5 used Proxes RR tires, probably good enough for practice or a few weekends


Hi there, I just joined, interested in pursuing the Spec. Are you in the Bay Area, or where are you located?


Hello - I split time between the Bay Area (Marin County) and Reno. The car is at Valley Motorwerks/Kontrolle Engineering in Rancho Cordova (greater Sacramento).

Also, just ordered a pair of new wheels to make 2 complete sets, and Kontrolle did new shift linkage when they did trans re-seal last week. Please email me at wpf AT to discuss further if you would like. Thx.


This car still available?


Jerick, please ping me on my email address. Thx.