SE SpecE30 Contingencies



Arjun Soundararajan, owner of Atlanta based UUC Motorwerks, has generously created a contingency program for SE SpecE30.

-Random drawing for $75 UUC Gift Certificate. Must have UUC decals on both L and R sides of your car to get the certificate. Out of region types are eligible as long as they have the decals. I always have decals with me at the track.

-“UUC Welcomes you to SpecE30” $75 gift certificate. This is for newbies on their first race weekend. UUC decals are not required, only newbyness is required.

-Redemption of the gift certificate. The gift certificate will have a code on it that, when entered on UUC’s web site, will result in $75 credit.

UUC sells a variety of maintenance and SpecE30 compliant go-fast items. This includes PFC and Hawk brake pads, H&R Springs, a variety of suspension reinforcement bits, their own sway bar design, wheelspacers and studs, Schroth harnesses, of course their highly respected shifters and the “dual shear shift rod” (DSSR).

IMO, the single greatest thing that you can do to remove shifter slop, is not a short shift kit, nor replacing every single wear item in your shift linkage and carrier. The single greatest thing you can do to remove slop in your shifter is to install a UUC DSSR because it replaces the ovalized pins in the shifter rod, and it doesn’t use little plastic washers, nor flexy clips. Even replacing your shifter with one of the systems that bolts to your tranny tunnel and does away with the shift carrier is still going to have slop unless you swap out your OEM design shift rod with a DSSR.

Sure, you read this now and think to yourself “dang, did Gress join their marketing dept?” But once you get the DSSR you’re gonna be saying “Haleluah Ranger Gress, I have seen the light.”
[URL] [/URL]


Phil’s Tire Service

Please welcome Phil Phillips owner of Craigsmoor, NY based Phil’s Tire Service on board as a SE SpecE30 contingency sponsor. You’ve seen him and his wife Kim providing tire services at many SE events.


  1. $50 gift certificate to Phils Tire Service (PTS) for the 7th place finisher of the Saturday race.

  2. To be eligible for the PTS Contingency Award 1) Your tires in that race had to come from PTS. 2) Your car must have a PTS decal on both sides.

  3. Establishing that your tires came from PTS. When you call to order tires, ask for them to be “branded PTS.” This will mean that your tires will come with a unique marking. If you get 7th, show Fred or I the marking. This will be the requirement for the 2015 season.

  4. Fred or I will hand out the Saturday certificate at the awards ceremony.

Phils Tire Service not only has terrific pricing on RR’s and RA1’s, but they’ve a broad range of wheel solutions and a lot of experience re. what wheels are more durable than others. They have particularly good pricing on tire/wheel combinations which is what I just bought from them. As you peruse their wheels, however, do keep in mind that the min. weight for our wheels is 13lbs. [URL][/URL]

Allow me to take this opportunity to remind you of one of the all time classic track videos “I was 7th.”


Be sure to see the National Contingencies in the General Discussion subforum. I’ve moved most of the contingencies that used to be listed here, to that sticky National Contingencies thread. Be advised that I usually have decals with me at the track for most of the contingencies.


Red Line

Our SE Region SpecE30 Red Line Contingency will look a lot like the SpecE46 contingency. Look to that doc for a lot of the details.

Summary of our Contingency:
8+ racers to qualify – Sunday Main race
Proof of purchase required. $75 in last 6 month. Decals (12”) each side (L/R) of car
No competing oil companies decals on car
1st Place - $100
8th Place - $ 75

This is a SE and MidAtl contingency award.

Out of region racers are eligible, so if you are in FL or MidS and you occasionally race in the SE, put your decals on baby.

An efficient way to get your $75 purchase made is to contact Ron@Discovery Parts before an event and ask him to bring you 6+ bottles of your favorite RL oil. If you don’t call him, he will probably not have enough at the track for you. Discovery Parts offers a 10% NASA discount and obviously buying your oil at the track saves you shipping costs.

I will have decals and the certificates with me at the track. Keep your proof of purchase in your truck. That way if you win the contingency you can show me your decals and proof of purchase, and I can immediately give you the certificate. Don’t ask me to be flexible re. the proof of purchase. I spent 6 months trying to get us this contingency and I promised RL that I’d strictly abide by their conditions with German inflexibility. Gress is German for “march into your country und beat your Frau-Armee like a drum.”


Harrison MotorSports ( is an Atlanta based BMW and Mini service facility and shop oriented towards the BMW performance community. They can build/maintain your SpecE30, and their shop carries all the SpecE30 unique parts necessary to create a SpecE30. Also, they carry a broad array of consumables, safety equipment and apparel, and paddock/towing related parts. They even carry Mike Skeen t-shirts.

Contingency consists of a pair of Hawk brake pads or a case of Red Line oil, your choice. This is a very generous contingency. Show your love and go check out their site.

Awarded by random drawing at each race weekend. Applies to SE region races or “shared” events with adjacent regions.

Eligibility. Must have Harrison Motorsports decals on each side (R/L) of car. Get decals from me.

Administration. Show me decals before end of race weekend. On Monday I’ll pass on your email address and car # to David Harrison. He’ll email you your certificate code. Have some of your favorite pics of your car ready to email back to him.


Balanced Performance Motorsports is an Atlanta-based dyno, services, and performance shop. They’ve long been the dyno of choice for Atlanta area SpecE30 types, are currently supporting several SpecE30 with shop and track services, and ARE BUILDING 3 MORE SpecE30’S for Atl area folks <WOOHOO!>

As of 1Aug16, some of the details are still in the works. We’ll have it figured out before the next event though.

Monthly random drawing. $100 BPM gift certificate at each race based on roster of attending drivers. Winner determined at Sunday racer’s meeting.

Eligibility. Have to wear a BPM decal on both sides of your car. Out of region types will be eligible. Get decals from me.

End of year “hard luck” award. $500 cash to the driver who’s had the most innocent mishaps. $500 cash baby. Winner determined by Fred Switzer and me.

Eligibility. Have to be a SE region type. In Nov, nominate your buddy who’s had a hard year. Don’t nominate yourself. If you don’t have any buddies, the $500 isn’t going to fix what’s broken. Fred and I are not eligible.

Because of their increasing focus on SpecE30, BPM is stocking more and more SpecE30 consumables and parts. But their website isn’t set up for eCommerce so BP and I going to have to work out how to help SpecE30 types to easily make purchases from their fabulous new sponsor.


Ree’s Racing and Automotive. Atlanta-based shop owned by John Edwards. Provides everything from building race cars, to full service car maintenance for your DD, to track-side support for your race weekend. John has put up the most generous contingency reward for SE SpecE30. $100 CASH!

Eligibility. Currently all SpecE30 racers are eligible in any NASA-SE event. Once we get decals, wearing Ree’s Racing decals will become a requirement.

Award criteria. Random drawing at the Sunday morning racer’s meeting.

Collecting contingency award.I will announce all the winners on fb within a couple days of the event. John will probably see that post, but if not, email a link to the fb post to John. All he needs is your Paypal address.


Harrison Motorsports Decals need to be on the car at the start of the race weekend. :slight_smile: