Does anyone have a CarSim model for their Spec E30 (or just a regular e30)?

I just bought my first E30, plan to race it in a few years, I thought simulating it might be interesting.



We have an E30 spec race car modeled on our simulators here at Sonoma Raceway (Infineon) but to my understanding, there are no “racing games” that have them. Closest would be in GTR2, a 1987 based mod for E30-M3’s. But those cars run full racing slicks and 4 cyl motors with about 280 hp…substantially faster race cars than a Spec E30 class car of today.



Haha – no. CarSim ( is a simulation package used by engineers (like myself).

BTW, you can run it in a real time system and build an incredibly accurate driving simulator (e.g. full nonlinear table lookup for tires).