Bilstien Shock Discussion


Super secret Bavarian rasberry sauce?


Yup, just need to blow it first.


I talked to James Clay today about this. His take is that we should quit being so hesitant to raise the front of our cars a bit.


Can I squeeze anymore James Clay info out of you lol? Is it just an issue with the front or does the whole car need to be raised? Rack? If whole car needs to be at a higher height?


The discussion with James was about our lack of bump travel due to OEM strut housings and various solutions…one of which being cutting our struts and going to a shorter strut insert. The charm of raising the car’s front end is that it’s free. James’ point was that the idea that “lower is always better” is wrong. Suspension is complicated and there’s lots of variables. But there is one thing that we can most certainly depend on…of the various solutions to our lack of bump travel, raising the front of the car is the cheapest solution.

The discussion wasn’t about the rear nor about the rack.