Best tire valves


It’s been almost 1 year exactly since I started racing/driving a spec e30 on track and I have just had my second valve stem failure.

First one was with rubber valves as one started to leak, second was a alloy valve stem that just sheared off. Funny enough, they were on the same track, same corner of the car, 11 months apart.

My rims are the 949s SE30s spec with the double stems, so as you can imagine, I am a little paranoid with double the chance of failure.

Let me know what you guys use!

I have added a pic for proof.


We use the exact same wheels and love em. Purchased all 8 aluminum valves from 949 and have had absolutely zero issues. For peace of mind I’d purchase all new stems from 949 and start fresh.


These were brand new 949s stems that I bought and have less then a year on. In my personal opinion the lightweight alloy is not the best suited for our use. What is a few grams when it can be knock off by “debris”.


Okay, that’s unusual. I would not jump to the conclusion about the “lightweight alloy not being suited”. Look at all the possibilities. If it happened to me I’d give 949 the benefit of the doubt and call them to discuss.