Are Torsens transferable?


I have a diff from a Honda S2000, which have Torsen units in them. And I have an E30 with an open diff. Does anyone know if the the Torsen from the S2000 would fit in the E30 carrier?

From looking for info I understand there are three types of Torsen’s, but that relates to the internal workings, not the outer dimensions or in what they will fit.



I doubt,
Here are a couple bullet points:

  1. Torsens are not spec legal. (I asked)

  2. Physical dimensions: Ring gear bolt pattern, half shaft spline count, height of diff, machined surfaces for bearings.

I am aware that for example R200 family diffs can be found in a lot of places, but it’s between Japanese cars. I have no past experiences with swaping german diffs between manufacturers. Please share your part numbers that you think could fit.


Thanks, mainly setting the car up for vintage racing where rules are more lax, but otherwise spec E30 legal.

Apparently most Torsen’s have small differences that make them non-compatible between various car makers.