89 SE30 - last raced in 2015 - SOLD


1989 Spec E30 #127 for sale Spec E30 #127 for sale - Google Docs

The car good to me, but the SE30 field in Texas failed to grow and my interest in racing has waned. It’s a capable, if somewhat unattractive car that when driven properly, is quite fast. I know, because once or twice I’ve been able to drive it properly.

It had both BMWCCA and NASA log books in 2015
The motor is in good enough shape to run right out of the box
The brake calipers were all replaced 2 seasons ago.
Motor, trans mounts were swapped out in 2014
It has 2 season old tie rods and front control arms
The rear subframe and trailing bushings are two race weekends old
I’ve installed a twin fuel pump and replaced the fuel tank
The steering rack, tie rods & front control arms were replaced in 2014
The front wheel bearings were replaced in 2015 - only two race weekends
There are three sets of wheels

  • two RR on TR1s (one of the RR’s has never seen the track )
  • one RA1 on Team Dynamics

The nets (Schroth center & Simpson Door) are from 2015
The Schroth harness and Momo seat were FIA certified through 2016 - will need replacing and/or seatback brace
AIM Mychron 3 Gold installed
OMP steering wheel with quick release
FireSense fire system
Other spares include L & R rear trailing arms, rear subframe, brake pads, assorted bushings and other bits and pieces

I also have an open trailer for an extra cost.

PM me for additional pics. I’ll have to do some looking for them.


Is this car still available


Please let me know if Car is still available


Hello -
Is the car still available?


Not getting my hopes up but is there any chance you would be looking to trade? Im heading back to Texas in a few weeks and have a 72 Datsun 240z id put up for your spec e30


Hey Jeff! You are going to shake your head…just when you are selling your car.

We are coming back to Texas, Austin specifically. Company has relocated me to Austin and along with that comes the Spec E30. Since there is no Spec E30 racing up here in New Hampshire, was in the process of re-purposing the car for AER, the WRL equivalent in this area, even had a team.

This will be the last relocation, as in two years I am retiring. Still have the house in Aledo, so that is where the car will in October. Been talking to the folks we know in Fort Worth about forming a WRL team.