#39 progress thread


Ahh. I was thinking that you were using an I-J scraper. I’ve only seen pics of the IE scraper…I’ve not actually touched one. Hopefully you installed the IE baffle too. That IE scraper looks to be the weakest of the lot in terms of creating a “still” environment around the pump pickup. Combined with the baffle it would be pretty decent tho.


I’m using my homebrew oil pan.


I put the new clutch bearing into the end of the crank without removing the old one. Hopefully this is the only problem and no damage has been done.


Ahh, see you don’t learn that until your last year of engineering school!:laugh:

Sorry, couldn’t resist. See you Friday!


Lol. Knucklehead. I think you’ll find it more efficient to leave the bonehead moves to me. That way you can read my post, chuckle, and resolve to avoid the same screwup.


It’s running.

I have very little time to get a logbook by Thursday.

The rings need break-in and I don’t want to buy dyno time on Thursday. Is it possible to break it in properly during comp school.


Probably as long as your “partner” doesnt mine you speeding up and slowing down. Let me know if you are having problems getting the log book done. We can find someone to help at the track.


I also have no idea how much ballast I will need. I had planned on taking it to midnight hotrods west of milwaukee.


I have a crap load of ballast (certainly to the limit of the rules). Want me to bring it?


Do I have to meet weight before they give me a logbook?


No. Logbook is about safety items for the most part. They don’t care what you weigh, that’s for post-race impound.


What he said. Just make sure all the safety stuff is there.


This car is now for sale in the classifieds. I’ve done a ton of work recently to get it up to the “no-excuses” level of prep to do nationals. I would say that it is there apart for doing a part number legality check, and maybe tossing a new cam in it. I didn’t want to admit this, but the bearings are now uncoated. That doesn’t mean I’m not correct in my interpretation of the old “Replaced” rule.

Anyway it is in the classifieds for 19,000.