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Future of Spec E30 SU Class Print E-mail

2006/03/17 14:19


Due to the virtual non-existance of any SU Class cars, Mike and I agree that we will begin a phase-out of Spec E30 SU. This will make life easier for us, the NASA Regions and NASA National, and for the drivers.

Our initial plan is to make this 2006 season the last SU racing season and to drop the class (SO and SU) designations by Jan. 1, 2007.

After that, there will only be "Spec E30." The 318is will still have a place in the new Spec E30 Series although most agree that the 325i car is the one to build.

I orignially included SU because there are so many 318i and eta cars on the road but it is obvious that SU hasn't been popular among our drivers and future drivers.

Is anyone actively building an SU car right now? If so, one option is to allow the registration of a 318 or eta Spec E30 car in a Spec E30 race but that the car will race with the rest of us. Of course, the car would not be competitive.

If possible, we really don't want to get into that and for sure, those cars will eventually not be allowed to register for a Spec E30 race. Forrest and Alex successfully swapped from an eta engine to the 325i engine and both have raced at the front. So for a few hundred dollars and a few days of wrenching, a built SU car can become an SO car. And if you're anywhere near Raleigh, NC, I'll help.

If anyone is building an SU car right now, and can provide some photos to show your progress, we would like to hear from you.

I always wanted SU to flourish but I have to admit that one "Spec E30" is the best road for our future.



UPDATE:  June 6, 2006.  The rules have been updated to delete the SU Class with SpecE30 becoming a single class effective 1 January 2007.