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I've been thinking about this exchange. Maybe I figured out the problem. I've hung out and shared beers, laughs and lies with almost all of the SpecE30 guys on this half of the country, and a good fraction of them on your half. I hope, actually I hope very much, that they see the big smile and the offered beer behind my every sentence here, on fb, emails, txts, etc. It frankly didn't occur to me that someone might not see the big grin and stupid hilarity behind "you've exhausted my desire to help".

In retrospect tho, I totally see your point, and I'd have been pissed too. I fucked up and you've done me a service in pointing it out.

That's a fair assessment and makes sense. I didn't think to consider it as being tongue in cheek, but I'm certainly willing to realign my interpretations and, again, appreciate your candidness.

In response to what you wrote in the other thread, I hope any reluctance to contribute in the future is fleeting. At work, I have to exercise a great deal of self control to write emails that are short enough for people to actually read them... but in forums I just write. I think that's how you work, too -- you just write -- which is a big part of why your contributions have been so invaluable -- we get to follow the trail of thought that gets you to your conclusions, which is often as helpful as the conclusion itself. Would be a shame to lose that.

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Subject: Stick a Fork in it? Back to www.spece30 or move on - by: jls8177 http://spece30.com/forum/16-general-discussion/83218-stick-a-fork-in-it-back-to-wwwspece30-or-move-on#83300 http://spece30.com/forum/16-general-discussion/83218-stick-a-fork-in-it-back-to-wwwspece30-or-move-on#83300
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Subject: Pedal softening during race - by: bedmonds http://spece30.com/forum/39-brakes-and-abs/83279-pedal-softening-during-race#83299 http://spece30.com/forum/39-brakes-and-abs/83279-pedal-softening-during-race#83299 Ranger wrote:
bedmonds wrote:
No it stays soft. Does not appear to be a vacuum issue (yet).

I'm not asking about whether or not it stays soft. I'm asking about a change in how far down the pedal goes before/after a couple pumps.

Can't answer that. Not sure.]]>
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