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Coming originally from the motorcycle world, I believe strongly in the idea that you only buy a $10 helmet if you have a $10 head. I trust, from personal experience, Arai helmets. When I decided to get into the whole E30 scene and buy a car for HPDE, I ended up buying an entry-level Stilo, the ST-5 GT, with top air, radio and water, which seems universally regarded as a good helmet, and it fits very well for me. I hope to never test it, but your experience reinforces even more for me the idea that I will likely never get a budget helmet. Too much riding on it.

If you are suggesting that my helmet was a cheapee, would not agree that Impact helmets during that period were "budget" helmets. The problem was that Impact decided to violate it's SFI agreement and use inferior materials, and to hell with the safety of their customers.]]>
Harnesses and Seats Sat, 25 Mar 2017 15:21:21 +0000 http://spece30.com/forum/52-harnesses-and-seats/83166-do-you-use-a-containment-seat#83186
Subject: Virtual Track Walk of Road Atlanta - by: HiFiGuy http://spece30.com/forum/16-general-discussion/83119-virtual-track-walk-of-road-atlanta#83185 http://spece30.com/forum/16-general-discussion/83119-virtual-track-walk-of-road-atlanta#83185 I missed the live track walk, unfortunately. Was it recorded, so we an watch it, along with your other vids, on YouTube?]]> General Discussion Sat, 25 Mar 2017 14:22:03 +0000 http://spece30.com/forum/16-general-discussion/83119-virtual-track-walk-of-road-atlanta#83185 Subject: 2017 race plans common schedule (east coast) - by: HiFiGuy http://spece30.com/forum/16-general-discussion/83133-2017-race-plans-common-schedule-east-coast#83184 http://spece30.com/forum/16-general-discussion/83133-2017-race-plans-common-schedule-east-coast#83184 General Discussion Sat, 25 Mar 2017 14:20:37 +0000 http://spece30.com/forum/16-general-discussion/83133-2017-race-plans-common-schedule-east-coast#83184 Subject: Are there any spec e30 race winning cars for sale? - by: HiFiGuy http://spece30.com/forum/16-general-discussion/83151-are-there-any-spec-e30-race-winning-cars-for-sale#83183 http://spece30.com/forum/16-general-discussion/83151-are-there-any-spec-e30-race-winning-cars-for-sale#83183 joel@barberraceworks.com]]> General Discussion Sat, 25 Mar 2017 14:09:28 +0000 http://spece30.com/forum/16-general-discussion/83151-are-there-any-spec-e30-race-winning-cars-for-sale#83183 Subject: Has Anyone Installed a Head and Shoulders Kit? - by: Ranger http://spece30.com/forum/52-harnesses-and-seats/83180-has-anyone-installed-a-head-and-shoulders-kit#83181 http://spece30.com/forum/52-harnesses-and-seats/83180-has-anyone-installed-a-head-and-shoulders-kit#83181
I'm pretty sure that no one on the E coast has one of these. The West Coast guys don't hit the forum much. One can get their attention on fb tho.]]>
Harnesses and Seats Sat, 25 Mar 2017 11:37:24 +0000 http://spece30.com/forum/52-harnesses-and-seats/83180-has-anyone-installed-a-head-and-shoulders-kit#83181
Subject: Left foot braking??? - by: DavidNJ http://spece30.com/forum/39-brakes-and-abs/83167-left-foot-braking#83179 http://spece30.com/forum/39-brakes-and-abs/83167-left-foot-braking#83179
The video above suggested downshifting without the clutch, sort of a clutchless double clutching.

This Spec Miata driver mixes left and right foot braking. I love his 4 camera setup.

Brakes and ABS Fri, 24 Mar 2017 16:49:25 +0000 http://spece30.com/forum/39-brakes-and-abs/83167-left-foot-braking#83179
Subject: Does Someone have Video WITH Data for NJMP? - by: DavidNJ http://spece30.com/forum/57-data-acquisition-and-in-car-video/83178-does-someone-have-video-with-data-for-njmp#83178 http://spece30.com/forum/57-data-acquisition-and-in-car-video/83178-does-someone-have-video-with-data-for-njmp#83178
I've found lots of videos, but only two with any data, and that data was way off (unless these cars do 150 and shift at 8500 rpm).


Data Acquisition and In-car Video Fri, 24 Mar 2017 16:35:38 +0000 http://spece30.com/forum/57-data-acquisition-and-in-car-video/83178-does-someone-have-video-with-data-for-njmp#83178
Subject: What is the best way to add a dead pedal? - by: DavidNJ http://spece30.com/forum/9-interiorsafety/83164-what-is-the-best-way-to-add-a-dead-pedal#83177 http://spece30.com/forum/9-interiorsafety/83164-what-is-the-best-way-to-add-a-dead-pedal#83177
Brackets to go over the tubing are readily available. The only caveat are most are for 1.75" tubing used in oval track and most Spec E30 tubing seems to be 1.5".

This is a 1.5" accessory clamp, $17:

Interior/Safety Fri, 24 Mar 2017 16:02:16 +0000 http://spece30.com/forum/9-interiorsafety/83164-what-is-the-best-way-to-add-a-dead-pedal#83177
Subject: Race Capture Pro - by: DavidNJ http://spece30.com/forum/57-data-acquisition-and-in-car-video/81328-race-capture-pro#83165 http://spece30.com/forum/57-data-acquisition-and-in-car-video/81328-race-capture-pro#83165
They also have new models that are more expensive. And only the top model has GLONASS in the GPS.

The tablet dash connects via Bluetooth. Is that a reliable solution when getting the car out on the grid and the track? What happens if it loses the connection?

They seem to only sell through dealers...and their list isn't impressive.

It does a lot on the capture, especially for CAN based sensors. And there are some great CAN sensors out there.

If it had a real dash or even wired connection to the tablet, a real analysis solution, and a decent dealer network or sold directly it would be more interesting.]]>
Data Acquisition and In-car Video Fri, 24 Mar 2017 03:59:49 +0000 http://spece30.com/forum/57-data-acquisition-and-in-car-video/81328-race-capture-pro#83165
Subject: Is this the only Spec E30 forum - by: poppy http://spece30.com/forum/16-general-discussion/83155-is-this-the-only-spec-e30-forum#83163 http://spece30.com/forum/16-general-discussion/83155-is-this-the-only-spec-e30-forum#83163
It's too bad people have migrated to FB. The forum is a great place to compare notes, bantering back and forth, plan BBQ's etc. Since FB is not for all of us I think the whole SpecE30 community loses!]]>
General Discussion Fri, 24 Mar 2017 02:51:14 +0000 http://spece30.com/forum/16-general-discussion/83155-is-this-the-only-spec-e30-forum#83163