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Pedal softening during race
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TOPIC: Pedal softening during race

Re: Pedal softening during race 7 months ago #83296

  • poppy
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Ranger my mistake. I was looking at this thread and thought it was the "Ignition Switch and Aux Panel" one that you and SOM got into it and didn't see the exchange anymore, so I retract the question on why the posts disappeared.
Ranger wrote:
poppy wrote:
If we are going to use everyone as a data point why did SOM's posts disappear?

You had a spirited and helpful exchange, your egos just got in the way.

This type of exchange will surely stick a fork in this forum... or maybe it will rekindle it.

Ranger there are a lot of us that enjoy your loooong technical explanations on how to clean the windshield before a race so please don't crawl into your shell.

SOM, pump the breaks!

I can't tell if you're kidding or not re. SOM's posts disappearing. I've not deleted a post in years. Am certainly not going to delete a post of someone yelling at me. Is good for the community, I figure, for me to get yelled at in public.

I am bumming about pissing SOM off tho. I'm going end up moping about that for days. I always take it hard when I make an ass of myself.
Bennett McMicking
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Re: Pedal softening during race 7 months ago #83299

  • bedmonds
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Ranger wrote:
bedmonds wrote:
No it stays soft. Does not appear to be a vacuum issue (yet).

I'm not asking about whether or not it stays soft. I'm asking about a change in how far down the pedal goes before/after a couple pumps.

Can't answer that. Not sure.
Brian Edmonds
#28 BPE Motorsport Spec E30
Mid South Region Lightning Series Director

Re: Pedal softening during race 6 months, 4 weeks ago #83303

  • Patton
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We may be on to something (what exactly I do not know).
2 door car we had....good pedal feel.
The two 4 door cars require more effort. Components have been swapped many, many times.

Is Oscar's a 4 door?

If so, swap all the components just to find out it is still spongy.

Answer: don't use the brakes.

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