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Stick a Fork in it? Back to www.spece30 or move on
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TOPIC: Stick a Fork in it? Back to www.spece30 or move on

Re: Stick a Fork in it? Back to www.spece30 or move on 7 months ago #83272

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Som wrote:
I use Slack for work. It's great for chatting and all that, but, to me, it's definitely geared for chatting -- not for posting.

The two are different activities with different expectations. With a forum, you expect to be able to post something, leave it for a day, and come back to see responses later. With a chat room the expectations are more around instant feedback/real time discussion -- which is great, if that's what you're looking for, but it's not as conducive to posting a question and then coming back 24 hours later and having to sift through messages to find people that may or may not have referenced your question.

Facebook is in between the two.

I'm under no illusion that we can simply say "well people just need to change their behavior" and expect anything to change -- that mentality is flawed and will kill anything from nascent ideas all the way up to giant corporations. It's up to the people (person?) that manage this forum to adapt to people's behavior.

To that end, I would look into a solution that integrates the two. There are forum applications that integrate with things like Tapatalk, which offer mobile app solutions to interact with forums. I imagine there are also forums applications/modules that provide some kind of interaction with Facebook as well. Maybe it's as simple as auto-posting questions to the FB group. Maybe there's a more extensive integration that allows FB-entered responses to be posted back to the forum automatically.

There may be adjustments and sacrifices -- like the forum may need to authenticate with FB credentials instead of a separate user database. That would mean people that use the forum but "hate Facebook and will never set up an account with them" may not be able to post. I don't know, just spitballing.

Either way, I think the answer is to find a modern forum solution that doesn't force people into behavioral patterns that they're not used to.

That said, from what I read Scott say, it sounds like this may not really be under his control. Then there's the question of "who's got all that extra time on their hands to investigate what a forum/FB integrated solution would look like and if it's even possible". That's not me. But I'd love for it to be someone.


Several of my professional and just-for-fun fora have Tapatalk integration. I don't even care about some of them, and don't really love Tapatalk, but Tapatalk does consolidate them and I see recent stuff from all of them in once place, not just a single specific one. That's actually better than a platform like Slack or even FB, although more similar to that in some ways.

I agree about not being able to ask people to change their behaviors too much. It needs to "just work" across platforms if possible. Certainly updating the forum software here would be a huge start. I don't love logging in with FB credentials generally, and prefer independence in that regard, but integrating or cross-posting would be wonderful. Just look how much activity this thread has garnered in a short while.

Re: Stick a Fork in it? Back to www.spece30 or move on 7 months ago #83274

  • Ranger
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Patton wrote:
Ranger wrote:
Patton wrote:

Paul, I have to strongly disagree. Slack is just the latest thing that folks will chase 'till it becomes old. May join, but I don't see it long term. Could have never predicted the fallout from Facebook so quickly, then again, maybe I could. Where is the civility? How does one search for a solution? (I know, they ask the same question over and over.)


Re. "Where is the civility?" Explain pls, I don't understand.

I don't think one can use the words Facebook and civility in the same sentence. While there may be short responses on this forum, the group is respectful of others.


The reason this got my attention is that I'm pretty intolerant of folks treating each other poorly. Behind the scenes I've asked folks to behave many times, both on fb and here. On a few occasions I've given them a "time out" like one would a toddler. I get an email for every single post both here and on fb. That's why, so often, I'm the first person to reply. It's because I'm the first person that was aware of the post. My point is that I like to think that I'm pretty vigilant re. the tone of our public faces. It's a huge consumer of time so it would be a bummer if it was a wasted effort.
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Re: Stick a Fork in it? Back to www.spece30 or move on 7 months ago #83300

  • jls8177
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As a former SpecE30 racer and hopefully a future racer at some point, I love "stopping by" every few weeks to see what it going on. Not just for technical stuff but for personalities and friendships I've made along the way. I have purchased items from the Classifieds, sent messages for advice on other cars, and jumped in to tease some folks during my infrequent visits. So even as a prior racer, this forum has value. I'd hate to see it go.


Re: Stick a Fork in it? Back to www.spece30 or move on 6 months, 4 weeks ago #83302

  • Patton
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Well, it is not going away, the forums will always be here. Lots of ways to search for the data. Just not a lot of action.

This thread kinda proves as much.

On to the next subject.

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