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Spec E30 Organization Print E-mail
With the growth and popularity of the Spec E30 Series throughout the 11 NASA regions the need to for a larger organizational structure has become necessary.  We are adopting a structure that retains the two existing series administrators who are responsible for the overall philosophy, spirit and rules of the series while regionalizing in a reflection of the NASA organization.
The job of the Spec E30 Regional Director is:
- regional champion, encourages participation, grows series
- regional contact for questions related to SpecE30
- scout for and secure regional sponsorships
- maintain sponsor relations (Regional and National)
- monitor for regional divergence (consistency between regions required)
-  accepts feedback (from NASA and SpecE30 drivers) for consideration
- appoint SpecE30 Race Chair to NASA for each event (may be the SpecE30 Regional Director)
- have fun!