949 Racing - Buy 15x7 6UL +15 Flowformed SE30 Wheels
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Side Numbers
2 * The side numbers must be at least eight (8) inches tall with a one and a half (1.5) inch stroke.

Front and Rear Numbers
2* The front and rear numbers must be at least five (5) inches tall.

Each car shall have SE30 on both sides of the car, in a color contrasting to the mounting/painted surface. Each letter and number must be at least 3" tall and must have a stroke of at least ½". Also required is the same SE30 in white, at the lower left corner of the rear window, and written backward at the base of the front windshield. Cars displaying the Spec E30 banner are not required to add SE30 to their rear window.  The banner can be purchased from Carter Hunt.  There are large and small sizes. He accepts paypal and will ship them to you

The driver or drivers' last name shall be placed in block print white letters 3 inches tall centered on each rear quarter panel window and on the lower passenger side front windshield. The side window space is roughly 25 inches wide.

Master Switch
The switch location must be clearly marked with a lightning bolt decal.

FIRE EXTINGUISHER / System Required Decal
All cars must display one (1) "E" decal on the outside of the vehicle identifying the
location of the fire extinguisher. The decal should be placed closest to the entry point of
the vehicle where the fire extinguisher is most accessible from the outside. This decal
indicates to someone assisting the driver where the easiest access point is located. Car
builders should give careful consideration to this item. On vehicles with fire systems,
one (1) decal is required at the release button, as well as and one (1) on the outside of
the vehicle.

Four "Toyo Tires" decals (2"x18" size) must be on the car. One decal must be placed on each side of the car as well as one on the front and one on the rear .

To order the toyo decals: call (according to the Team Toyo receptionist): (800) 678-3250 x1171 (Angela)

You must run 4 NASA decals one on front, back and sides.

SPEC E30 DECALS - Not Required
Contact Carter Hunt to get these decals. There are large and small sizes. He accepts paypal and will ship them to you. Alot of people run the large one at the top of the rear window.