Condor Speed Shop offers a full line of engine, drivetrain and suspension components for the E30 chassis made in the USA
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 A Classified Ads feature has been added to the web site, it is to be used for 'non-commercial' advertisers, guys with stuff or looking for stuff.  It is visible only after logging in so the advertiser is a registered user.  After submitting the ad the system sends the advertiser an email to confirm the ad.  If you confirm the ad the system notifies the administrators, who then approve or disapprove the ad.
The ads may have a photo attached.  The ads expire automatically after 21 days, the advertiser can cancel or extend the ad using information that is contained in a messsage sent to them after the ad has been approved by the administrator.

Currently the Classified Ad categories are:

Chassis (doors, windows, fenders, etc.)

Drive Train (engine and all associated items, transmission, differential, brakes, half-shafts, etc.)

Safety Equipment (cages, fuel cells, harnesses, fire systems, Hans, driving suits, etc.)

Suspension (springs, shocks, roll bars, camber plates, bushings, etc.)

    Race Prepared Cars
    Candidate Cars for Race Preparation
    Tow vehicles