AIM MXL + SmartyCam + sensor

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I have a robust AIM data setup pulled from my previous racecar:

* MXL Pista Dash + harness ($1999)
* 1st Gen SmartyCam ($899)
* o2 sensor
* Innovate MTX-L a/f digital gauge - logs to AIM ($219)
* two wheel speeds - used on driveshafts to analyze wheel spin (2 x $75)
* gyro ($220)
* string pot for steering ($255)
* VDO remote oil pressure sender ($70)
* digital hour meter (that's how i life parts)
* one data bus ($250)
* one channel extender ($250)
* lots of extension cables to get sensors to the right place on an SM
* usb cord for downloading data

Total of $4,300+ of data/video. I have learned a lot from adding steering and gyro and we've also done some useful tuning from getting A/F on track vs. on dyno to both gain a little more power and protect the motor. There's plenty of room for more sensors wth the data bus and channel extender. This was pulled from an SM so everything is plug and play.

The only thing missing is the GPS antenna which you can pick up at Winding Road for $149:

Asking $2,300 OBO. Compare all of this to the AIM MXL2 dash which is $2000-2500 for just the dash! This setup gives you everything you need to analyze your driving quantitatively (data) and qualitatively (video) and move up the grid.
Price:$ 2300
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AIM MXL + SmartyCam + sensor